Week 11 – the last hurrah!

This is the final week! I am so proud of all of you. You have made it through an entire 11 week program from “couch” to 5k. AWESOME!!

The route this week will be the same as last week. Everyone seems to like that route (I think?) and since a few folks missed some nights last week, you’re not ALL sick of it yet.

See you tonight!

Sunday run – practice the TT trail

Sorry I forgot to post this until now! (ARGH) Laura is leading a run that will leave tomorrow (Sunday) at 10am from “our usual spot” and go through the Turkey Trot trail. Group guidance is good because that trail is a little bit tricky in spots 🙂 GOOD LUCK y’all while I’m out of town! See you Monday pm.

Week Ten!

New map today: a few hills & a new route. Sidewalk and lights most of the way, what’s not to love? Let’s test it out.

Week 10, 3 miles (not inc. warmup)

Week 10, 3 miles (not inc. warmup)

Plus for those who show up tonight, hear our “run report” from the Turkey Trot trail yesterday. Warning: it’s a bit more challenging than it looks. The upshot is this: We’re definitely going to need another weekend run (except I’m out of town next weekend, anyone else want to lead?), some time practicing on grass (this is your HOMEWORK), and everyone needs to go register at campus rec.

Merissa’s Cold Weather Running Tips

Guest Coach Merissa’s Tips for Cold-Weather Running (in case you missed it on Thursday!)

1. If you carry water in a bottle, start with warm water (not boiling, but warm). Also, consider carrying a sports drink instead of water – the sugar makes it freeze more slowly than water alone.

2. Consider wearing some inexpensive stretchy synthetic gloves – they’ll keep your hands warm on chilly runs. For runs in weather that is below freezing, layer a glove liner with a shell mitten. You can also tuck hand warmer packets in your gloves.

3. Headbands are a nice choice when it gets cold out; they keep your ears warm without trapping heat like a hat will.

4. Layer, layer, layer. Try a long-sleeve shirt with a fleece vest, or tights and a short-sleeve shirt. Depending on the weather, you may not want to cover up completely. Or wear lightweight  pieces that you can tie around your waist if you get too warm.

5. Long socks and arm warmers are an option also. Many people wear compression socks to run anyway, so it won’t stand out as much as you’d think.

6. Keep in mind that your legs are doing the work, so they’ll stay warm through lower temperatures. It’s best to cover your upper body.

7. Watch your step! If it’s slick outside, and you’re on a shorter run, consider wearing trail running shoes. They have a deeper tread and will help you keep your footing.

8. Run shorter distances and stay closer to home. That way if conditions get bad, you slip and fall, or get wet, you can escape from the elements.

9. Be sure to drink enough fluids. You may not seem to sweat as much as during warmer weather, but you can easily get dehydrated.

10. Wear a balaclava, scarf or neck gaiter that you can pull up over your mouth. It’ll warm and moisten the air you’re breathing in, which will be easier on your lungs than the cold, dry outdoor air (especially if you have cold-induced asthma).

Weekend Field Trip!

This weekend we will have an impromptu field trip to run the Turkey Trot course on Sunday morning at 10am. Meet at the wellness center parking lot (where we normally meet).

Can’t guarantee I’ll have maps but I’ll try to remember to print a few…….

Turkey Trot Course Map

Turkey Trot Course Map

Turkey Trot update

Hello runners! I got the following message today regarding the Turkey Trot (official: 22-Nov at 3:30). My question was “Can we run the course on the weekends?”

It is possible to run the course on the weekends, ideally before noon. The driving range is open from 2pm-6pm daily, so it’s not possible to run the course during that time period, but weekends before noon would be fine. You wouldn’t need to make a reservation to run at that time.

We will be opening registration on Monday, Nov. 11th at the Campus Rec front desk and the first 200 participants who register and complete the event will get a Turkey Trot shirt, so please let your group know that they can begin registration next week.

The entry fee for this event will be 2 canned goods which will be given to Campus Kitchen. The registration forms can be picked up and then submitted to the Campus Rec Front Desk in the Koury Athletic Center.

UPDATE: You don’t have to END the race in the top-200 to get a shirt! Just register early (first 200), then complete the race and they will give you the shirt.