Get ready for Day 2

YAY – you made it through the first day. Your action plan looks like this:

Between now and Thursday try to stay active, take some walks, lift things around the house (yes, randomly! Just go up and try to lift that couch – it is a couch-to-5k, after all), or better yet tackle that pile of ironing you’ve been staring at for the past three weeks or clean out that back corner that seems to attract piles of weird stuff. Your goal is to bump up your physical movement overall.

On Thursday we’ll do the same schedule as Monday (60 sec run / 90 sec fast-walk).

Plan ahead for your weekend solo run. You’ll be doing the same thing as we did on Day 1 and Day 2 (60 sec/90 sec) but you’ll be doing it solo, so prep for that. Where are you going to go? What day? What time? What’s that going to be like? Preparation is the key. Get stoked! You’re a runner and runners are always stoked for their next run.

How far did we go?

This is a very common question. To re-create a map, there are about a million different mapping tools online, including: (FREE with no sign-in needed)

MapMyRun (FREE, but requires sign-in)

(You can also get a little watch like the Garmin Forerunner 10 that will track you with GPS and then draw you a map on your computer after your run. But the mapping tools above are free!)

Here is a quick map I made showing the route we did today (Monday 09-Sept):


So you can see from that map that we went 1.72 miles.

Fun tip: if you think about it, doing this twice would be just about the length of the 5k (3.1 miles) that we’re going to do in November! By then, the weather will be a lot cooler, and we’ll have stronger lungs, and a lot more practice.

Now you see why I say this is totally do-able! Get excited!

Get ready for Day 1!

This couch-to-5k program starts on Monday, Sept 9 at 5:20pm. We will meet here:

Map to Wellness Center: 301 S. O'Kelley Ave

Map to Wellness Center: 301 S. O’Kelley Ave

What you need the first day: water and comfortable clothes or shoes designed for some light jogging.

Leave at home: ipods, headphones, dogs, guests.

Day One Schedule: brisk 5 minute walking warm-up; followed by intervals of 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking – do this for 20 minutes.

See you then!